What is DraftsBox?

DraftsBox Plugin – the Advanced CAD

DraftsBox is an AutoCAD free plugin which offer a more visual and agile interface, and the possibility of a more fluid and dynamic working mode with their ToolBox’s pop ups menu

You will can save time, work faster and get easily meet the deadlines of your projects. Don’t wait more, get DraftsBox free now in our download section.






Main Features

Windows Compatible

Full compatibility under Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 operating systems.

Free Plugin for AutoCAD®

Compatible with AutoCAD in all the last versions between 2010 to 2020 (not LT versions).

Multi language

Available in eight languages; English, Spanish, Deutsch, French, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Simplified Chinese.

New Ribbon Menu and Toolbar

DraftsBox menu and toolbar with access to the ToolsBox pop-up menu, the Quick Guide Help and the Website

Easy to Use in 1 Click

Quick access to more than one hundred AutoCAD commands in just one click, like insert, draw, edit, modify, dimension, etc.

Nice look Tools Pop-up Menus

Fast and visual pop-up menus with insert, draw, properties, dimension, file, layers, edit, modify and utilities tools.

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Included the multiple task option by default in all draw, dimension and modify commands of Draftsbox.
You also can access to DraftsBox tools with the numeric keypad with the same interface order for commands.
Very simple to install with its Setup file who will guide you during the process. Additional to this, an Install Guide file is included with the Setup file.
DraftsBox include a Quick Reference Guide Help with which you can easily and fastly view all the commands organized according to menu groups.