AutoCAD 2020 new Features

AutoCAD 2020 new Features

Like every year, since end of March 2019, the new release of AutoCAD 2020 is available. Now with new features and enhancements included. So, let’s see and compare the main changes and differences between this new version and the olders ones, like AutoCAD 2017, 2018 or 2019 releases.


New look for the User Interface

The new user interface has a fresh look with flat tabs and light grey ribbon sticking out of the dark contrast of the drawing area.

New Blocks Palette with Insertion Options

The new Blocks Palette added in this version has three tabs; Current Drawing, Recent and Other Drawing, giving you the choose of the to can find the blocks from different not opened drawings. This is a good alternative to the the Design Center for insert our blocks from other files. The comamnd for execute the Blocks Palette is BLOCKSPALETTE.

Also, at the bottom, you can modify the “Insertion Options” of block in the current drawing just with a simple drag and drop with the mouse.

Quick Measure Tool

This new function allows the user to measure distances in Realtime by moving the cursor on the drawing area. You can also see this new command on the Utilities panel at the Home tab on the Ribbon.

Revamped Purge Tool Dialog Box

In this version the Purge Tool dialog box has been revamped as at the picture below, with two big buttoms at the top “Purgable Items” and “Find Non-Purgable Items”. 

The items’ tree panel is now on the left side of the dialog box, and on the right side you can see a Preview panel of the items to Purge and an Options panel where you can choose some features of the items to purge.

At the bottom, there are the clasical buttom of “Purge-All”, “Close” and “Help”. 

Improved DWG compare Tool

The DWG Compare tool which was released in the last version of AutoCAD has been further improved and now the drawing to be compared opens up in the same window as the original drawing, moreover, a new panel shows the most frequently tools when two files are compared.

Cloud Options for Save As, Save and Open

AutoCAD 2020 new version support now and have the option that you can save as, save and open your drawings directly from the Cloud. For that, you can choose some different Cloud platforms like DropBox, OneDrive, etc. where your files can be stored or you can shared them easier with other users.

Other Improvements and Changes.

There are other improvements in this version, which affect to installation time, Xrefs and Block access, better support for 4K monitors, etc.

If you want to read more information about this new AutoCAD version or compare its changes with the olders versions, you can visit the AutoDesk website here “Compare AutoCAD 2020 vs. previous releases”, or you can wath an Introduction of AutoCAD Youtube channel below.

For more information, you can send us an email through our contact form page or visit our Help Center.

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