How to Install our plugin?

How to Install our plugin?

We share with all of you a detailed install guide step by step about how to install our plugin in your computer. The process is fast and very easy. Before start, for a successful installation, it is recommended to close AutoCAD. After install, just restart it, and enjoy of Draftsbox free plugin.


Starting the installation.

How to install DraftsBox?

“Run as administrator” the install file “DraftsBox_Setup.exe”, and continue carefully the indicated steps during the installation. (Important; if your operating system ask if you want make changes in the system, of the application is runing, click “Yes” and continue with the installation).

1-. Select the language to use during the installation process and click “OK”. By default it will be the same as the operating system, as long as it is compatible with one of the available languages for DraftsBox©. (Choose the same installation language as your AutoCAD, or english if it’s not compatible with the language packs of DraftsBox©).

2-. User Information. Indicate a valid email for your user name, which it will be used for notify you of possible application improvements and future updates, and click “Next”. (In the case of not wanting to be notified by email, uncheck the box at the bottom).

3-. License agreement. Read and accept the license agreement and click “Next”. It is very important you read this agreement carefully before continue with the installation.

4-. Additional information about DraftsBox© application, versión 1.0. compatibility and where you can see the free third parties applications used or required and their origin. Read this information and click “Next” to continue.

5-. Select the destination folder where you want DraftsBox© application be installed or accept the default folder showed during the installation (recommended). Click “Next” to continue.

6-. Select the components to be installed in your computer (full installation recommended). If you choose to install OpenDCL Runtime, the installer will check if you have already installed a same or higher version, in which case you will be notified and this component will not be installed. Click “Next” to continue installation.

7-. Select Start menu folder if you want to create a shortcut menu in Windows (recommended). Press the bottom checkbox to disable this option and click “Next” to continue.

8-. Ready to Install. Check if the installing configuration is according with all things before and click “Install” to complete the installation.

9-. Completed installation. DraftsBox© application installed correctly. Press if you want to show the license file, the Quick Reference Guide help, etc and click “Finish”.

If you want more information, you can send us an email through our contact form page.

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